Become a member and make a commitment to your future.

The decision to join ADHA/VDHA has always been based on a strong personal commitment to the dental hygiene profession. An underlying ingredient involved in that decision- for dental hygienists of the past and the future- is belief that only through a united effort can dental hygienists effectively promote their profession.

As the largest professional organization representing the interests of dental hygienists, ADHA has the vast pool of resources to substantially impact your future. Our members enjoy professional support, educational programs, and numerous opportunities to participate in association decision making and leadership.

Since 1923, the ADHA has been a significant and rewarding dimension in thousands of dental hygienists’ lives. Dental hygienists are committed individuals who have discovered that ADHA is an ongoing and invaluable resource. Join your professional peers and add your voice to the network. Become a member and make a commitment to your future.

Member Benefits

Membership in the Vermont Dental Hygienists’ Association has many benefits on the state and national level.
Benefits on the VDHA/State level include:

  • Discounts on continuing education courses
  • Discounts on Surgitel magnification loupes
  • Discounts on disability insurance in Vermont
  • Ability to post availability for work days on VDHA’s website
  • Representation at the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners meetings
  • Eligibility to serve VDHA on the Executive Board or any committee
  • Bi-Annual VDHA newsletter to keep you informed
  • A voice in legislative issues which affect the practice of dental hygiene
  • Annual ADHA District I newsletter
  • Voting privileges at the VDHA Fall meeting

Benefits on the National level include:

  • Access to group insurance programs covering:
    1. major medical
    2. term life
    3. discounted professional liability
    4. discounted automobile
  • Publications of the Journal of Dental Hygiene
  • Publications of Access magazine
  • Access to Visa/Mastercard programs
  • Access to ADHA’s central office for professional support and information via 1-800-243-2342
  • Access to online continuing education courses
  • Discounts at ADHA online bookstore
  • Discounts at 4,000 hotels across the nation

Intangible Benefits from being a member of the VDHA/ADHA:

  • Learn about new career possibilities
  • Develop professional contact
  • Opportunities to be recognized by colleagues
  • Opportunities to make a contribution to the community through professional activities
  • Opportunities for developing new skills and interests such as leadership and public speaking
  • Contribute to the protection of our role in the health care delivery system
  • Remain well informed about the changes in the profession

Membership Fees

Annual membership for the Vermont State Dental Hygienists’ Association is $ 210.00

  • ADHA (national dues) are $ 190.00
  • Vermont constituent dues are $ 20.00
  • *both dues must be paid for membership

There are discounts for the following members:
Senior dental hygienists, Disabled dental hygienists, Supporting – dental hygienists who maintain their license, but do not work in the field of dental hygiene or are unemployed.  Allied membership – non dental hygiene team members

Go to and print an application today or you can call Heather Blair at 802-316-2242 or e-mail Erica Gates at  [email protected]  for more information. (printable)

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