Kelly is a recent graduate from VTC and is employed at Brigham Dental Care where she is the Practice Manager and part-time Registered Dental Hygienist/Certified Dental Assistant.  Kelly is also a Tooth Tutor for Stowe and Morristown Elementary Schools, and a full-time mom to three beautiful children.

The best part of being a hygienist to Kelly is helping people. Kelly believes that helping or supporting people is the foundation of life. It means being knowledgeable, accessible and open to anyone she meets in her daily journey wherever. Kelly wholeheartedly believes that if we support each other we can achieve the impossible.

Kelly is a member of the VDHA because she feels that as a member, she is supported as a dental hygienist and also to give her support when needed.  Membership also keeps Kelly connected to other dental hygienists, and it allows her to save money on essential continuing education credits.

Kelly feels that education is essential for the delivery of safe, effective, high quality patient care, and is excited about continuing her education.

Kelly is hopeful that in the future, Vermont dental professionals will work together in order to bridge the gaps and provide the best quality care to all of Vermonters!