Linda Retchin, RDH selected as VDHA 2015/2016 Hygienist of the year!

Nomination Letter:

July 29, 2015

Marijke Kopecky
Vermont Dental Hygienists’ Association
PO Box 1482
Williston, VT 05695


Dear Ms. Kopecky,

It is with genuine enthusiasm that I nominate Linda Retchin, RDH for the 2015 VDHA Outstanding Dental Hygienist Award. I have known Linda for the past ten years and have worked with her in several capacities: we served together on the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners, we have examined side by side at CDCA (formerly NERB) Licensing Examinations, and have worked together in private practice.

Linda’s professional accomplishments are impressive and show her commitment to the dental hygiene profession. She was the president of her graduating hygiene class at Howard University, is in her 30th year of practicing dental hygiene and in her 15th year with CDCA(NERB). She was the first hygienist to be appointed to two consecutive terms on the Vermont Board of Dental Examiners serving the state of Vermont in this capacity for a total of ten years. She was a Smoking Cessation Educator for seven years and participated in a Dental Hygiene Study Group for four years. She also served Vermont on the Board of Radiologic Technologists for two years.

While Linda’s contribution to the dental hygiene profession and the State of Vermont are remarkable and undeniable, equally impressive are her strengths that you cannot read on paper but experience when in her presence. In each of the settings that I have worked with Linda, I have witnessed Linda’s start-to-finish professionalism, attention to detail and thoroughness in her work. Linda is acutely sensitive to all aspects of any situation to which she is presented and responds in a calm and thoughtful way. All of this with a kind, gentle, fun and engaging personality that makes you want to listen to her and be her friend.

Given all of Linda’s strengths, I believe that she would have been a success in any field that she would have pursued. Fortunately for dental patients, the Dental and Dental Hygiene Professions at large and the state of Vermont, Linda chose to be a dental hygienist. I think it is time to recognize Linda’s contributions and celebrate her successes!

Please be in touch if you should need any further information.
Thank you for your consideration.

John F. Lavoie, D.D.S.