Tina Marshall selected as VDHA 2018/2019 Hygienist of the year!

Tina started teaching dental hygiene at UVM and now teaches at Vermont Technical College, totaling over 20 years. She has helped mold students into dental hygiene professionals.  She has been the Student ADHA (SMADHA) group advisor for over 10 years and organizes and assists students with their many fundraising activities and community service projects.

Tina served not one, but two consecutive terms as the VDHA Co-President.  Having served as President for one term I can tell you that this in itself is remarkable.  Prior to that she served on the VDHA Continuing Education Committee for many years and she does assist us at the Annual Meeting as necessary.  We are pleased to award this years Dental Hygienist of the Year to Tina Marshall!